Want to add a shiny new feature to your Clearspace community? It just might be easier than you think! A macro can be used for anything from embedding videos to displaying Jira Issues to adding bling

  • A macro class that extends com.jivesoftware.community.renderer.BaseMacro. This class will implement the methods that Clearspace calls to get the String value for display in the user interface where the user has inserted your macro.

  • Macros are technically plugins, so yours will include a plugin.xml file that describes the plugin to Clearspace, including which Java class is your macro class.

to your text.  They are also an easy way to get started if you want to add some custom functionality to your Clearspace community.

The basics

For simple macros, you'll really need just two pieces of code:

The process

  • Set up your testing environment and project hierarchy.

  • Create your plugin.xml file, which tells Clearspace what's in the plugin -- in short, what Clearspace features you're extending -- and where to find code and other supporting files your plugin needs

  • Create a plugin class with the logic to tell Clearspace what to do when the user uses your macro.

  • Build, deploy, and test your macro.


Sounds pretty easy.  If you still aren't sure, you can start with these documents and tutorials:

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And as always, you can post any questions here in Jivespace if you get into any trouble.


What's your craziest idea for a macro?