As many of you have already noticed our Jive Integrated support instance on has joined the developer community on our Jive Community ClearspaceX instance at  Through user feedback, we re-integrated the supportand developercommunities within a single site to improve your experience.  You should now have much less trouble deciding where to post--depending on whether the question is a developer related question or a support related question all on the same instance.  For users of our old instance, all information from our old site was migrated to this new location.


With this move not only comes a better user interface and integrated user community but also provides Jive Support with the ability to create periodic blog posts.  Jive Support Engineers will be blogging on best practices we use ourselves when troubleshooting or improving our products' environments.  Please let us know if 

there is anything in particular you want to know more about!




Kevin Williams

Jive Support Manager