The Clearspace 2.0 beta is scheduled to arrive on February 14th (our Valentine's Day present to you). If you would like to participate, please let us know by posting in the beta discussion area. We've made a bunch of awesome improvements, and you won't want to miss getting an early preview during the beta program.


The beta-1 release will be made available on Feb 14 on the downloads page. A beta-2 release is scheduled for March 6. The process will be very quick, with only three weeks in which to install, test and send back feedback during each cycle. We'll post more details regarding the contents of the release and the logistics of the beta program soon.


Of course it comes with the standard beta disclaimer. Please keep in mind that we offer these betas to give customers an opportunity to test pre-released Jive Software. Do NOT run production environments using beta products. These beta products are entirely unsupported. However, we would love to hear your feedback here about the beta product to help us improve the final version of Clearspace.