Today, we released Friends of Jivespace, a new blog where key community members can talk about their experiences with Clearspace. So far, we've had 2 community member posts.


Magpie has shared his thoughts on Chaos and Order:



For my inaugural blog on Jivespace I've chosen the subject of Chaos & Order - dichotomy which I believe Clearspace has the potential to fulfil.


I come from a structured world of comprehensive metamodels and complex information management systems. It may seem strange to embrace the world of unstructured information - the enemy for so long. However, to reject is to deny humanity and miss the potential to foster, harvest, and support knowledge sharing and transfer.


I like Clearspace because .... it seeks to embrace having conversations, but with a 21st century twist.



Ryan Rutan's post  discusses a few Random Clearspace X Ideas including:



  • Leveraging the Listener Framework and Filters to process content at create/edit time against a custom dictionary of terms and matching URL structures...and storing meta-data about rendering actions to take into consideration when rendering the document for display. The hopes would be to do one of the following, provide a list of relevant links off to the side of the document that would help drive traffic towards measureable calls to action. If we were bold enough, we could apply these meta-data instructions as a filter, and alter the appearance of the actual words in the content as hyperlinks. This might be too intrusive to our customers, and we'll need to evaluate the nice balance between content ownership and ROI. =)

  • Abstracting the Ratings Engine in ClearspaceX as a Ratings Service for all content on the website. We've been looking at the possibility, of creating a private community visible only to Admins and WebService loings, and then creating Document Stubs into that community and capturing Ratings regarding non-ClearspaceX pages on those assets, and then surfacing the ratings to the remote sites as well through the same Web Service APIs. Since ClearspaceX is integrated into our SSO solution, we already know that we are talking apples to apples between the 2 systems. We just need to work out logistics of whether or not a user (who is logged in), has a "username" or as we call it "alias" when they rate...and how to handle the corner-cases that stem from that core issue.



You will want to keep an eye on this blog. I suspect that we will have some really interesting posts by other community members in the next few days.


If there are any other community members that you wish were included, please let me know.  I would love to add more people to the Friends of Jivespace blog!