We're very excited to announce the release the public beta of Clearspace and Clearspace X 2.0 today. We'll announce further details with the full release of 2.0, but this beta includes new features like:


  • Projects, intended to help groups of people coordinate with each other toward a common goal on a particular target date.

  • An end-user personalizable and administrator customizable home page.

  • Organizational chart views allowing people to better understand organizational relationships and leverage existing information maintained in LDAP or Active Directory.

  • Enhanced integration with Openfire 3.5, including easier setup, full integration of users and groups, shared authentication, auditing of administrative actions in both Clearspace/Clearspace X and Openfire, and the same administrative look and feel in Clearspace.

  • Great improvements to the rich text editor.

  • On the technical side there is an improved plugin framework, Spring support and an upgrade to Struts 2.0


We would love to get your feedback on the beta. The best place to contribute is in the Clearspace Beta space. You can download the beta releases from your Jive Software website account where you find other releases.


Documentation for the beta release is available here and includes upgrade information


In the coming weeks we will also be hosting a beta Clearspace instance so that you can try out the new release without installing a copy locally. We will post more details when that instance is ready.