You can now view or download the Clearspace 2.0 plugins from the Plugin area on Jivespace. A big thank you to Jon Garrison, who spent several weeks porting most of the Jive plugins over from Clearspace 1.x to Clearspace 2.0.


Clearspace 2.0 Plugins include:

  • Calendar Widget: show and edit your calendars

  • Clearfox : View Clearspace content in a Firefox Sidebar

  • Example Plugin: Several simple examples designed to show how plugins and macros work

  • Macro: Embed videos in blogs, docs, or discussions

  • EmbedContent Macro: Embed into one document the content of another

  • SlideShare Macro: Display presentations in docs, blog posts, and discussions.

  • Vimeo Macro: Display Vimeo movies in documents, blog posts, and threads

  • User Stats Plugin: This widget displays the names of recently registered users.

  • Yahoo Maps Plugin: Use yahoo maps in documents created in Clearspace to display a map of an address.


If you just want to look at the code, you can access it from our svn repository.