Customer Portal Launching!

On Monday, May 19th, we launched a new support solution to provide our customers with a better support experience.  We are moving from our old email based system, to leveraging our Jive Communities ClearspaceX instance to provide discussion based support via cases.  What does this mean for you?  Well there are a lot of high level benefits:

  • No more losing emails in the internet--attachments are particularly bad at causing this

  • You can now view all your cases with us, and check on the status

  • You can choose to make cases private or public--knowing that we will respond to both regardless of who can see them.


There are some things to be aware of regarding the new processes:


What About my Existing Open Cases?

All emails sent into Jive will be created as new cases--this will be the primary point for the case moving forward, although we will ensure that your cases' history is maintained so that we do not lose any context when solving your issue.


Your "Personal" Community

When you log into Jive Community (this site), assuming you have an active support contract, and email address, you will now see a new community under the Support Community named after your company.  This is a community that only members of your company, and Jive can see.  Everything created in here is private.  If you are not seeing your Personal Community, please email



You can still send emails, and the system will automatically process and publish them online.  As long as you have an account with a valid email address, email will work just fine.  Additionally, assuming you have not disabled your watches, you will receive a watch update when we (or someone else if public) responds to your case.


Keeping Track of Cases

After logging in, just navigate to your personal space (your company name).  If you don't see it, email  Within your space, you will see all your open cases on the overview tab, and a complete history of all your cases on the cases tab.  Please note, that due to the new solution, cases processed using the email system will not show up.


How Can my Co-Workers Submit Cases?

Assuming we have a record of your coworker (if not, just email, all your coworker needs to do is create an account on using their work email address, and then they will also see your personal company space.  Additionally, your co-worker will also see all your cases, their status, and can create cases themselves.


What are Private and Public Cases?

When you create a case, you have an option to make it public, and to select in which community you want to create the case.  The default however is private.  We have this set to protect your security, and to ensure that any public information is intentionally shared.  When a public case is created it shows up as a discussion in the community you chose.  Others can see and respond to your case just like a discussion--in fact they won't even know that it is a case!


When creating the case do not worry if you need to make it private later on.  You can make a case public or private at any point throughout the case's history.


Please give us your feedback and let us know what you think.  We are constantly striving to improve your experience with Jive Support!


How to set up/use your new space

The attached document contains step by step instructions with screenshots on how to access your private community.