We just launched our new Jivespace Plugin Directory for Clearspace plugins! You can now more easily find and download plugins from Jivespace, and if you are developing plugins, you can add your plugins to the new directory.


Plugin Directory


The really cool part is that we created the entire plugin directory as a plugin to Clearspace. Our web engineer, Tim, took our existing document content type and extended it to create a new plugin type with additional information relevant to plugins along with a new look and feel for the plugin directory.  He also used the plugin jar to pull almost all of the metadata displayed with the plugins, including license, logo, readme, compatible versions, and much more. For developers, this means that you only need to enter the information in your plugin, instead of having to duplicate all of the information by filling out redundant forms. It also means that when you update your plugin jar file with a new release, the plugin information will be automatically updated.


Tim is currently working on polishing the code a bit, but he will be releasing this as a plugin for other people to use as a plugin marketplace. It also provides a very useful example of how to extend an existing Clearspace content type to create a new content type in Clearspace.


Keep in mind that this is just the first version of our Plugin Directory, and we plan to start making incremental improvements and enhancements. But first, we want to hear from you. Take a look at the new Jivespace Plugin Directory. What do you like? dislike? How can we make this even better in future revisions?  Please leave comments with your ideas on this blog post!