Did you know that you can add any Clearspace instance to the list of search engines available for quick searches from your Firefox or IE search box?


Since Clearspace is Opensearch enabled, Firefox will automatically recognize it and give you the option to add it to your drop down list of search engines.  This is made possible because we add an Opensearch descriptor to every page in Clearspace, which looks something like this:


<link rel="search"


This works just as well for internal instances of Clearspaces (assuming you are logged into your corporate network).


It is as easy as this:

  • Navigate to any page of any instance that has opensearch enabled

  • Add that search engine from Firefox's drop down


Opensearch is already enabled by default, so you should be able to add any Clearspace installation to your browser search box. More information about using OpenSearch in Clearspace can be found in the Clearspace System Administrator's Guide.