We just released beta 4 of Clearspace 2.5.0. Changes since the last beta:


  • (CS-1690) Add more field checking to the profanity filter; tags Improvements

  • (CS-8007) bulletted lists and outdenting

  • (CS-5369]) Remove developer upgrade tasks

  • (CS-8191) Guests can read blog posts even when they are not allowed

  • (CS-8109) Tasks lists are broken due to anonymous user changes

  • (CS-8060) Due Date not displayed when importing/exporting project tasks with combined js resources enabled

  • (CS-8040) Removed "hide profile fields from guests" setting

  • (CS-8026) Recent content shows "by" the author rather than person who recently updated

  • (CS-7361) Removing attachment on edit of document when document requires approval causes system error.

  • (CS-6697) Documents get published in moderated spaces if the user saves a draft first and then publishes it


Many thanks for all the feedback so far and please continue to help us test the release!