Thanks to everyone that's participated in the 2.5 beta -- we're finally ready to officially announce Clearspace 2.5! Check out the main Jive website for details. Sam's blog entry also has a great overview of what's new in the release. You'll also notice that we updated Jivespace to 2.5, so you can trythe release here. We're doing final testing and will have the release bits available in the near future.


There's a lot in this release that's aimed at the developer crowd including many improvements to the plugin framework and a new theme resource kit for making easier changes to the UI. Check out the many new sections for developers in the Clearspace documentation. Also significant in the 2.5 release are big improvements to performance. Over the past several months, we've built out a performance test environment that's let us measure the many improvements we've been making to the code -- from a 15% improvement in some areas to over 700% in others. Overall, Clearspace 2.5 is at least a 200% faster than 2.0.


The Clearspace dev team is thrilled with the new release and we hope you'll be too. We're looking forward to your feedback!