A Whole New Jivespace about the changes we recently made to simplify Jive's communities. You'll now find four communities -- Support, Features, Developers, and Plugin Downloads -- under one community to collect them all: Jivespace. I'm chiming in this week with details on changes to docs for developers building customizations to Clearspace.


Here it is in a nutshell: The latest developer documentation will be in the Jive Plugin Developer community in Jivespace. That community is also the place to post your questions and comments. Other content, including developer content from previous versions, will be on the site where docs have been for some time now.


The best part, as I see it -- and really, I think this is fantastic -- is that it's not just docs. There's a lot more information: FAQs, how-tos, links to more information, and more. Internally, we started out calling it a "cookbook" (okay, Greg called it a cookbook and we humored him for a while). But while it wasn't really as procedural and example-driven as software cookbooks tend to be, it was obvious he was on to something. You (and we) really needed a single place to collect the knowledge we develop internally for extending and customizing Clearspace.


If you've been to the Developers overview page, you might also have noticed that we've tried to make it easier to get to what you care about. The search box and "spotlight areas" are designed to help you find developer content without leaving the developers' stuff if you don't want to.


By the way, there are no longer any Forums or older Clearspace docs on Jivespace. It had gotten to be kind of a mess (a "train wreck," as one of its admirers said). We're thinking it's better to have one version of developer content on the Developers community, and the rest of it where other docs live. See what you think.


Here are the links of interest: