Hello Jivespace users,


For those of you who are customers and have been using Jive's support solution (the 'Supportal'), please read on to see what changes have happened recently and how they benefit you! I will also touch on what else may have changed and how it could impact your usage (plus how to take care of it!).


If you are not a customer yet, most of this information does not apply, but it does showcase the support solution that Jive has developed and is using.


Jivespace Updated, new version of the Supportal deployed

Jivespace was updated to 2.5.5, and the Supportal plugin, which recently went a 3.5 month development cycle, was deployed last Thursday, the 18th. It was a big upgrade for the Supportal as it went under the knife and was essentially re-engineered from the ground up. It is currently developed by our very own support engineers Scott Hirdes and myself.


New Features

You will no doubt notice a few changes, but just in case you don't see them all, here is a showcase of the new features which impact the customer directly:


1. Auto Close

Cases are now going to be automatically followed up on if they are idle for more than 5 business days. This can be turned off on a per-case basis by simply choosing 'No' on the case details 'Allow this case to be auto closed' option.


2. Public Case Navigation

Have you created a public case yet? If not, please read about it here: http://www.jivesoftware.com/jivespace/docs/DOC-2932 under the section Best Uses for "Allow Case to be Public." And if you have already created a public case, did you notice that it was difficult to get back to your account community after viewing your public case? Well not anymore! If you have created a public case, you can now navigate back to it with the link at the top of the case:



3. Moving towards Account Management

You now have a couple features which let us take the first steps into account management from the Supportal. Group Membership Widget & Support Status tab.

The Group Membership Widget can be added to your account community, and it will then show the contacts from your company who have access to your company's cases. You can ask any support engineer to add this widget to your account community!




The Support Status tab is a way for you to check if you currently have support with us. If there are any problems with this, please contact us!





Those are the new features that impact you as the customer, but there are many more changes to the plugin which benefit our support engineers, and the plugin as a whole!


Change which could affect your day to day usage

We fixed some issues with our account synchronization rules, to more appropriately reflect our underlying account information.  If you no longer see an account community that you believe you should have access to, please email accountsupport@jivesoftware.com.


If you see any other issues, please let me know as soon as you can!


Thanks and enjoy!