I'm happy to announce that the Jive SBS 3.0 build we blogged about last week is now available for download and is fully supported. Now you can download the new build from your purchases or evaluation page. (Note to current customers - a link to the 3.0 builds will automatically appear for you this week - in the meantime, try the evaluation build.)


Documentation, and a brief description of what's new, improved, and changed, can be found in the Jive SBS 3.0 documentation site. Release notes are also available.


Also of note this release is a change to the way the application is packaged and distributed. We now ship a fully configured and optimized runtime for Linux and Solaris along with the application (note - the Solaris build will be available in Q2). This means there's no need to configure the Java runtime or an application server - it's all bundled. This significantly reduces the time to install the application and means customers can take advantage of the most optimal configurations. For more information, please read the system requirements documentation.


Finally, we have a number of customers using Jive in different languages - here is the release schedule:


3.0.0 (3/16/09)
3.0.1 (4/13/09)
3.0.2 (5/11/09)
3.0.3 (6/8/09)
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Simplified Chinese
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese




Update: based on feedback on this post and other feedback we've decided to continue support for the MySQL and SQLServer databases. Specific dates for these changes will be announced within a week. For more details, please read the new blog post: More Details on the Jive 3.0 Platform.