Hey there, Support Community!


We are very pleased to announce the release of a much requested feature...Product Issue Tracking! With this new functionality you will be able to track cases that have associated issues and view the status of the issue including the fixed versions! Here is an outline of the two major new features coming with this new release of Jive's Supportal.


Viewing status of Product Issues on the individual cases

This is now in the sidebar of a case. We are removing the bar which showed the static text of the cases and are now showing various information about the product issue, all in real time.


Here is what was previously displayed:




And here is the new view:




















This allows you to quickly see if you have open or closed issues in a case. Also, if desired, you can click the "Show Details" link to expose some additional information about a product issue. It will look similar to this:





This will also show in others' public cases that have product issues attached to them. Please use public cases and spread the knowledge!



Viewing a list of all cases that have open product issues

We have also added a new tab to your account's secure space which shows a list of all cases that have at least one open product issue assigned to them. This means that you can now actively check on cases that have open issues and get real time data on them! Is it fixed? Is it still open? Check out this new functionality today! You will also have the opportunity to view all cases associated with closed product issues, as well as their resolution and fix version(s).




If you have a long list of issues, you'll notice the details box follows your browser window down, and the green highlighting tells you explicitly which product issue you're currently viewing.


If you have any questions, comments, feature requests, bug reports, etc., on this new and exciting functionality, please leave a comment or head to our Supportal Feedback space.


Thanks and enjoy,