On most Fridays at lunch time Jive hosts an engineering-oriented talk and supplies pizza. Topics have included cool technologies people are exploring, deep dives into the design and implementations of Jive SBS functionality, overviews of new product capabilities, and even the ways in which other parts of the company work.


This past Friday we had a special guest, Dietrich Ayala of Mozilla, who gave us an overview of HTML 5 and the current and planned capabilities for Firefox as it applies to HTML 5. He covered a bunch of features of the standard, including <video/>, <audio/>, <canvas/>, Web Workers, drag and drop support, WAI-ARIA, storage, cross-document messaging, native MathML and SVG capabilities, and more. He also mentioned the html5-pdx Google group as a great way to connect with others in the Portland area.

Thanks Dietrich! We really appreciate you taking the time to talk with us.