Recently I met with some of our current customers to talk about what is working, what isn't, and what could be improved in the Supportal. This post outlines the major hit items, as well as shows a list of the smaller features that are being considered for future versions of the Supportal. Thanks to everyone who helped, and I would appreciate any feedback / ideas on the items that are outlined below. If you haven't checked out the most recent feature, Issue Tracking, please do so as well.



Thanks and enjoy!


Top Requested

The top requested features / improvements were escalation, customer dashboard, and improved case filtering / sorting. To address these in more detail:


Escalation Process


Currently there is not a Supportal functionality that lets a customer alert Jive that an issue is in need of additional immediate attention.  You can create a Sev 1 issue (which does get our attention) but after this, if the case is long running or if it was not created as a Sev 1 initially, you need to call the Support line directly.  Other avenues are not as effective since they are not directly to Support: contacting an account manager is still an extra step, and bumping a thread with a new reply does not notify Support of any status change.  Building an escalation process into the Supportal is what we intend to do, and it will likely be as simple as your clicking "Escalate this" and providing an explanation.  That message would be sent to your account manager as well as the Support manager.


Customer Dashboard

Metrics can be very powerful within a support portal, especially when they are related to the health of your site and your interaction with technical support.  One frequently-requested feature is a roll-up displaying the past month's cases, including number of Sev 1s, top case reason, top case submitter, average response time, average resolution time, and many more.  Viewing this information on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and lifetime basis would be ideal, and we'll see what we can do!


Improving case filtering / sorting

You need to find the cases that you are interested in, and right now that is a difficult task when you want anything more than just the open cases. The cases tab has just scratched the surface with filtering (current options are only "closed," "waiting on customer," "waiting on Jive," and "all'") and we fully intend to add additional filters like "my cases" and "only open" but also include advanced sorting. Many of you requested sorting on all columns of your support space, and that seems like a very valid request and is something we are aiming to do.


Second in line

The secondary issues included exposing case reasons and improving our issue-tracking integration. Case reasons are tracked internally, but exposing these will allow us to report them on the customer dashboard to answer questions like "How many bugs have we ran into in the past month?" or "How many customizations questions have we been asking lately?"  And after the initial Supportal 3.3.0 brings back Product Issue tracking!, we would like to have cases be updated automatically when the issue assigned to them has been closed.


Other ideas

Next up is a list of one-off features that will be evaluated and implemented in the future.


  1. Change the UI for pointing a customer back to their account space from a public case. Perhaps adjacent to the normal breadcrumbs.
  2. Make public cases visibly different in case listings.
  3. No survey on every case.  Idea: for all level 1s, every other for level 2s, every 3rd for level 3s.
    1. If open / closed on same day, no need for survey.
  4. Add a way to link cases that are related, which will help the support engineers.
  5. Chat option for Sev 1 cases only (quick interaction without the phone).
  6. We need to improve the navigation between jivesoftware.com and Jivespace / Supportal
  7. Helpful to see the author of the post in the Open Cases widget. Rather author than case # (perhaps avatar too).
  8. Sort the Open Cases widget by status for each of the Severity levels.
  9. Export cases tab to Excel.
  10. A 'read only' privileged group for cases (to be used for groups like managers)
  11. Opening a case on behalf of someone else, which would include subscribing hime/her to watch notices for that case.
  12. Want dates on cases (where it makes sense), either for a bug fix, or a restart, code push, etc.
  13. If a member of more than one account space, have links at the top of current account space pointing to the other ones.