It's my pleasure to announce that we have established a new development team dedicated to maturing current product functionality. As Jive's products have grown, the amount of work on existing features, in terms of both feature enhancements and bug fixes, has steadily increased. Several months ago we reviewed the lessons we learned in planning and executing on the Jive SBS 3.0 release and decided that adding a specialized team for this function would help us keep customer satisfaction high and simplify release planning. We spent some time looking at ways this had been done by other companies and decided on our current approach.


As some of you may remember, for the 1.x series of versions we published new releases every three weeks. This rate was fantastic for getting new capabilities out the door, but was difficult for many customers to keep up with and it led to a bias toward smaller features that fit nicely into three, six, or nine week efforts. For the 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0 releases we slowed the pace to spend more time planning, implementing, testing, and marketing each one. This rate led to larger and more features, and had the side effect of causing longer periods of time waiting for feature requests to be implemented since the set of capabilities planned for a release were locked in well before the release would come out. With this new team we'll be able to add unplanned enhancements to the next release without upsetting the overall release plan, so the side effect will be minimized.


If you're a customer, you can expect a higher volume of your enhancement requests to make it into major releases more quickly. One example of the kind of work to expect from the team is the much-requested Sticky Threads feature. We'll be taking feature requests like this, prioritizing them with other feature enhancements and bug fixes, and getting them out the door in the next feature release that we can. Many bug fixes will make it into point releases, while feature enhancements will go into major releases.


On a related note, one thing that we've been sorely missing is a public feature request tracking area directly integrated into our internal systems. We have a project under way to add this level of integration with our internal systems, so stay tuned!


As you'd expect with the formation of a new team, we're hiring. If you're passionate about making software better, head over to the careers page and apply for the position you're interested in.