First off, thanks for  being patient! I know I was very optimistic in the timing I mentioned in myPreview of upcoming Jivespace & Supportal upgrade to SBS 4.0!,  but we have worked through all the issues, tested and re-tested our new  functionality both in the Supportal as well as in the 4.0 upgrade. We will have  updated documentation for using the Supportal after our move to social groups,  and we will have more information coming on the availability of Mobile and inline document  previews. Stay tuned!


IMPORTANT:  Jivespace will be entering a 6 hour maintenance window tomorrow starting at 9PM  PST. We will have a number available for Severity 1 issues and we will continue  to monitor and respond to all of our hosted sites. If you have any questions or  concerns, please let me know.


    Here’s to a new year  and new features!