I'm proud to announce the open sourcing of lightbox_me; a lightweight, bulletproof jQuery lightbox plugin built for JavaScript developers!




The first question in your mind, I'm sure, is "another lightbox plugin? puh-leeeeeeeeeze", but hear me out. This is not a massive, bloated, all-purpose utility like Fancybox or Thickbox; this is a  programmer's tool that handles the cross-browser issues of lightboxing, as well as handling situations where other lightbox plugins break down.This plugin is designed to be bullet-proof.


Don't get me wrong, those other lightbox plugins have their place, but they're mostly for people who don't really know JavaScript. For people that do, they tend to get in the way and you can't get them to do quite what you want.


If you find most lightbox plugins are trying to do too much for what you need, or you wind up using multiple plugins for different cases, then lightbox_me is for you!



Is it awesome? Yes, yes it is.

Lightbox_me is tiny (just over 1000 bytes compressed & gzipped), adds a very small DOM overhead (just one DOM element for the overlay and zero images), supports IE6 for position:fixed, and handles everything you can throw at it; such as resizing the browser window, cases where the document is smaller than the window, and cases where the modal is taller than the window.


How does it work? Using jQuery, find (or create) a DOM element, and then simply invoke the lightbox_me plugin on it. Voilá, that DOM element is now lightboxed! That's all there is to it. For more information check out the lightbox_me website.



How has Jive used it?

As of the next release of SBS, all modals and image zooming is handled with lightbox_me. This means we got to remove existing lightbox solutions that were much too bulky, did not work reliably in all browsers, and required our engineers to jump through hoops when their use case didn't match the plugin exactly. We removed over 1200 lines of JavaScript, 100 lines of CSS and 10 image requests from the application.


Here are some awesome testimonials from our Java Engineers, hopefully you find it just as useful!


"I <3 lightbox_me() - its the best thing since lightbox_you()! Seriously though, I use it everywhere. Its like a plague (the good kind) on my code - thats how much I love it." - Alex Wenckus


"I would have never modaled without it.  Saved me tons of time." - Todd McCullough


"This ish is damn sexy." - Nebiyu Yohannes


"Attention world, this is also used on the Jive website in a few places... it's super sweet." - Benjamin




Head on over to the lightbox_me website to download it and view a bit more documentation and explanation.