10smAwdLogo[1].jpgJive Software's Support Solution has been named in the top 10 for Best Web Support of 2010 by the Association of Support Professionals!!


We've continued to improve our Support offering for our customers and prospects, largely driven by comments and suggestions by you: our customers! Thanks for all the help so far, and thanks in advance for your continued help and support as we work together to build what works best for all of you! Couldn't have done it without your help, and a big thanks to my team for delivering top notch support along the way!


In case you're interested, here's the criteria for the award:


The award winners were selected  by a panel of judges with expertise in Web support design and implementation, using a scoring system based on 25 separate performance criteria. The evaluation process covers the following areas:

  • Overall usability, design, and navigation
  • Knowledgebase and search implementation
  • Interactive features
  • Customer experience
  • The major site development challenge



I am personally extremely happy we received the award this year as there was a lot of hard work done to move to social groups, improve navigation, upgrade our search, as well as upgrade to SBS 4.0 among other smaller improvements! We won't stop here either, we're already looking ahead to next year!


As an update we'll be moving to our 4.5 release within a couple months, and I'll be posting announcements about that when the time moves closer. Have a feature you've been dying to tell us about? Let me know either on this blog post, or in our Website Feedback space right here in Jivespace.


Also, if you happen to be in Chicago next week for our Get Social Tour, keep your eye out for me there!


You can read more about the award here: http://www.asponline.com/10announcement.html




Will French

Jive Support Manager