Hello, Jive Community!


Two weeks into my new role as the Jive Communities Program Manager - and one of those weeks spent in Boston at Enterprise 2.0 Conference - I'm strolling through our community places to get a feel for what needs some love and attention. We've got a wee bit of a wild garden in here, to say the least, what with the cobbler's children not having any shoes for the past few years since the most excellent Dawn Foster moved on from Jive.


As a result, I've The specified item was not found., and have taken some action items to clean up out-of-date information, and implement some uniformity into widget placement across all places. I've also found some hot and cold spots in terms of member participation. This will help focus our engagement tactics over the coming months.


Other than our open Jive Training and Support Resources community, the most active community of late is Jive Interactive Intranet, perhaps due to our Introducing: Ideation. Olivia Teich and the rest of Jive Product Management are actively reviewing and discussing your top ideas and feedback, so be sure to go vote!


Well, I've got lots of work to do, but check back in a couple of weeks when I run the June numbers, with commentary. I plan to make this a monthly habit.



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