Howdy everyone!


I'm back again with a nice update to the lightbox_me plugin that solves some bug fixes and handles some use cases people were asking for. Here's the full changelist:


Bugs fixed:

  • fixed a bug that caused closeEsc: false to not have any effect (thanks Ryan Giglio!)
  • fixed a bug that caused closeClick: false; to not have any effect (thanks Ryan Giglio!)
  • fixed a bug where not all events were being unbound if the modal'd DOM element was not being destroyed


New options:

  • disappearEffect - change the disappear effect of the modal (default: "fadeOut")
  • overlayDisappearSpeed - change the fadeout speed of the overlay (default: 300)
  • lightboxDisappearSpeed - change the disappear speed of the modal (default: "fast")


New feature:

  • If you call lightbox_me on an element while the lightbox is already active, then it will intelligently remove the existing modal (as per the animation parameters you set) and display the new element you lightboxed. This is particularly good if you want a loading indicator, as it will handle those easily:


// some code that is run when something is finished loading...


I'm actually using this for a new micro-plugin I'm working on... lightbox_media! Stay tuned...


Visit lightbox_me's web page for more information and to download the plugin!