The updated version of Jive SharePoint Connector is now available! If you have previously purchased the SharePoint Connector module and would like the latest version, create a case in your customer group, and we will reply with a link and password.


Please note Jive SharePoint Connector is not in your Purchases, and not in the Plugin Downloads space. To get this updated version of Jive SharePoint Connector, you need to create a case in your customer group.


This release includes the following:


  • This version is supported only on Jive version 4.5.0 and later.
  • Support for SharePoint 2010.
  • Support for separate URLs for internal and external network traffic. For more information, see the topics, "Managing Jive Installations" and "Adding a SharePoint Location".
  • As of this version, using a common user repository is highly recommended, but the connector can function with different repositories for Jive and SharePoint as long as the account names are identical and you are not using Kerberos authentication.
  • Number of bug fixes.