Important Release Update (4/13/2011):

After extensive testing and investigation, we have determined that the problems encountered were not introduced by the changes in, and we have reposted the downloads, available from your purchases page.


NOTE: Please be aware of the fix: CS-24646 in this release.  If you are using a federated authentication system (Active Directory/LDAP) your federated users have not been receiving the weekly system digest emails, with CS-24646, we added the ability for these users to now receive the digest.  There is a known issue in the product: the email digest task can cause an out of memory error depending on numerous factos with a deployment (number of users, amount of activity, number of application servers, and speed of email server).  In 4.5.6 (coming out in May) we have added options to throttle the digest task to account for variances in deployments, but until then, we recommend the following:

  • If you have federated users, disable this task by setting the following system property: jive.digest.enabled = false
  • If you have been using the email digest task with no problems, then you can safely ignore this notice.


Important Release Update (4/11/2011):

A customer reported seeing an issue after upgrading to  We have not yet determined if it was introduced in or if it is a pre-existing product issue. Given the timing of the application of the patch and this issue being reported, we have made the decision to pause the release of the patch while we diagnose the problem.

We should have guidance for you within the next 48 hours, thank you for your patience.


Support Included for:

All supported systems.



In addition to the following list of bug fixes, this release includes a number of key improvements addressing critical stability and performance issues.

     CS-23799    A very large number of items cached in Recent History can cause a site failure.

     CS-24646    Digest emails are not sent to federated users.

     CS-24921    A unique subject check on discussions causes slow performance for high-volume sites.

     CS-24929    Hidden parent space names can be exposed in the Places widget.

     JIVE-1357   A database lock prevents users from deleting content.

     JIVE-3725   Users can't post replies to discussions because of a cluster lock issue.

     JIVE-3898   Tagging a bookmark creates a database lock on the tag cloud that slows performance.


Tons of great documentation and what's new details on our website:

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