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On August 4, we're upgrading this community to Jive 5, unleashing hundreds of new features and enhancements.



Below is an overview of some of the new capabilities.  Stay tuned to this blog for updates, and post questions and comments below.

Jive What Matters

Jive What Matters makes it simple to stay on top of information, communicate, and take action. There are Three Main Parts to Jive What Matters: Activity, Communications, and Actions.


1. What Matters Activity





The Activity section of Jive What Matters shows you what is happening  across your community, or among people you follow. You can interact  directly with updates within the What Matters activity stream.  In  addition to replying to content, and other actions (such as liking, tracking, or sharing) you can preview content directly within What  Matters. You can also easily tune your What Matters activity stream by hiding particular discussions, or updates from groups.







2. What Matters Communications

What  Matters captures and read tracks important communications (such as direct messages, replies to content you've created, or places where someone mentions you) so that you don't miss them.


3. What Matters Actions

What  Matters also tracks things you need to do--and makes it simple to take action without jumping to a new page, or logging into a different application. When combined with Jive Apps you can provide a simple way for users to do things like approve expense reports without jumping to a different application.



Here's a video providing a general overview of how we're trying to get better at proactively highlighting and recommending people, places, and content relevant to your areas of interest while reducing the noise form topics you're not as interested in.



If you need help communicating an upgrade to your community, join the Jive Customer GroupJive 5 Upgrade Planning - Start Here and find the Jive 5 toolkit.