We are temporarily disabling JIRA integration with the Support  Community on July 22 at 6 p.m. Pacific. It will again be available on  August 5.


The  integration is between Jive engineering's JIRA issue tracking system  and the links available to you in Support cases and the "Product Issue  Cases" tab in your customer group. The downtime is for upgrading and  testing JIRA, data fields, and the process used to manage issues, and is  one of the multiple systems being upgraded as part of the Jive Community upgrade to Jive 5.0.


Please  plan ahead and immediately review any urgent JIRA issues. Otherwise,  during this downtime you can always post a question regarding a JIRA issue in the linked  Support case.


We  apologize for the inconvenience of the downtime but are confident that  the new capabilities of Jive 5.0 as well as improved processes will be  well worth the wait! Stay tuned to this blog for progress updates.


Please post your questions and comments below.



Thank you,


Jive Support