change speedometer.jpgBuckle-up because we are on the fast track to upgrading the Jive Community.


Now, no matter who you are or how much work you're willing to do to make the application fit your needs, Jive is all about You.  When we upgrade this community to Jive 5 on August 4, we will bring personalization and customization to everyone who signs in! It's the new way to personalize: implicitly, based on what you do and what matters to you.


I've already spent a lot of time talking about What Matters, so here are 5 additional improvements you'll see:


1. Jive Apps

RSS widgets, OpenSocial Gadgets, and views into other systems. Jive Apps are selected by you and live on personal Apps Dashboards. (Yes, plural! Organize away!) Apps are naturally more powerful and interactive than any widget, and they provide an upgrade-safe way to extend what you can do in Jive.


2. Jive Genius

Stop missing the good stuff! Find out what you should have known about, before you're late to the party. Jive Genius looks at what you read and write, who you interact with the most, and where you engage to develop an opinion of what you'll find interesting. It then considers your interests and general popularity of an item to recommend the stuff you shouldn't be missing.

3. @Mentioning - the Power to Reference Anything Quickly and Easily

Linking in Jive is a great way to create a path to or from key information. And now with Jive 5, you no longer need to spend valuable time clicking through the link picker everytime you want to add a simple link. Typing an @ to search or pick from your history is a whole lot faster.


4. Jive Community To-Go

Whether on BlackBerrys, iPhones, iPads, or Androids, you can stay connected with your this community via your favorite mobile device.


5. All new ways to get back there, fast!

Remember that thing that you commented on – or did you edit it? It was awhile ago... It was about something to do with... Jive...?  Search doesn't work well for finding something again when you can't remember the specifics. But, soon you will have four new tools in Jive 5 to help you.

Screen shot 2011-07-21 at 10.21.07 AM.png

a. Bookmarking Jive content and getting back to your bookmarks is streamlined all the way down to one click, and with eye candy, too! Click that Bookmark button over there on the right side of content, then check out the bookmark icon in the nav bar. Ooh, glowy... (You can still add notes and tags too if you want: edit the bookmark in that same spot over on the right.) Want to get back to something you've bookmarked? Click on the icon in the nav bar for all your recent bookmarks or to get to all your bookmarks.


b. If you've been there recently, it's in your History. History is right next to bookmarks in the navigation bar. In Jive 5, your history sticks with you, even across browsers and devices. So, if you visited something in the office and want to get back to it at home, History will get you there.


c. The new Browse Content page has a filter just for you: stuff you've participated in. This is every piece of content to which you've contributed. Don't remember if you wrote it, or just edited it, or just commented? It will show up here in any case.


d. When you get to any Browse view, you can do a fast type-ahead search or quickly filter on the fly by any one or many criteria to hone in on what you want. Even search by multiple tags, with suggestions from popular, related, and your frequently used tags.