I am pleased to announce the release of This is a maintenance release that fixes urgent issues.


Downloads are available via your purchases page.


Issues Addressed

JIVE-8532 - Binary Storage Migration Does Not Migrate Binary Content To Filestorage (APPLIED)

JIVE-8015 - DB error deleting Jive user

JIVE-9522 - Bug in the BrowseManager results in objects not being bulk loaded

JIVE-9720 - Default number of "Matters Most" worker threads is overloading the recommender and duplicating work in EAE

JIVE-9721 - "Matters Most" worker thread sleep time is not configurable (related to JIVE-9531)

JIVE-9189 - Increase WM polling time to 5 minutes

RECO-35 / JIVE-9783 - EAE-Recommender communication does not work with an http proxy

JIVE-10007 - Scaling images to thumbnails or icons can lead to an infinite loop

JIVE-9922 - Oracle casts empty string as null in EAE database tables resulting in Followed Activity notifications to fail

JIVE-9986 - Jive Connects permission model not enforced in 5.0.0 & 5.0.1!

JIVE-10046 - Change in SalesForce.Com behavior breaks Jive Connects

OFFISYNC-523 - Coauthoring not working in 5.0.1


SSO Issues

  • JIVE-7686 Unable to single sign off with SAML
  • JIVE-9188 SSO logins cannot be linked to exiting federated user accounts (e.g., LDAP populated accounts)
  • JIVE-9123 Exception why trying to deserialize ExternalCacheKey
  • JIVE-9293 ADFS is unable to consume /saml/metadata content
  • JIVE-7809 SAML SP Metadata ACS URL should be customizable
  • JIVE-9603 Profile fields are not mapped
  • JIVE-9073 SAML metadata refresh logs stacktrace even when disabled
  • JIVE-7688 SAML SSO tab throws an error if metadata doesn't have an idpsso descriptor
  • JIVE-9143 SAML admin page validation expects EntityDescriptor element as a child of the root element
  • JIVE-9081 NPE when trying to edit SAML metadata
  • JIVE-9272 Metadata ACS urls generated incorrectly, so cannot authenticate against instance
  • JIVE-9136 POST Binding fails with Velocity template not found
  • JIVE-9081 NPE when trying to edit SAML metadata
  • JIVE-8683 With SAML authentication, jive.user.lastname.firstname.enabled value is not respected
  • JIVE-8586 SAML metadata update requires restart