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Jive SharePoint Connector is now available!  This Jive SharePoint Connector can only be used with Jive 5.0.1 and 5.0.2, and is not an upgrade from the Jive SharePoint Connector 1.6 plugin.  SPC 5.0 has the same features as Jive SharePoint Connector 1.6. If you use Jive version 4.5, you can download SharePoint Connector 1.6, which is the most current version.  If you have previously purchased the SharePoint Connector module and would like the latest version, please create a case in your customer group, and we will reply with a link and password.  You can get the Jive SharePoint Connector by creating a case in your customer group.  You cannot download it from your Purchases or the Plugin Downloads space.



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SharePoint Connector Hotfix 1



     When certain 3rd -party components are used in SharePoint, they add client-specific JavaScript to SharePoint pages. This can cause conflicts between 3rd party providers. In particular, simultaneous use of different versions of jQuery can      cause problems. jQuery is required by SharePoint Connector,  other 3rd parties, and the clients themselves.



     Web pages show JavaScript errors and/or not function correctly.



     This hotfix isolates the SharePoint Connector jQuery usage from any incompatibilities.