Following the EOL of Jive 4.0, the original SBS Mobile application will soon be removed from iTunes.  You may wish to update the mobile permissions for your community to ensure that your current users aren't impacted while concurrently removing the link to iTunes from profile pages.  For example, current users could be added to a permission group with mobile access while excluding the rest of the community members.

Jive 4.5.6+ communities licensed with the mobile module can utilize the cross-platform HTML5 mobile web application and/or recently released native iPhone application.  Details can be found in the The specified item was not found. group.


Jive is committed more than ever to the mobile enablement of our public and private communities.  By making this move, we both eliminate confusion over which app is the latest in the App Store and can focus on delivering the best possible next-generation mobile experience. 

If you have any questions related to your current Jive deployment and how this announcement may impact you please contact Jive Support Resources or your account manager.


Thank you,


Brian Gil

Jive Product Management