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Theming in Clearspace 2.0

Posted by dawn May 12, 2008

As you know, we changed a few things in our underlying architecture for Clearspace 2.0, including some changes in the Freemarker templates as a result of moving from Webwork to Struts along with some other changes. In this video, Matt Walker, Professional Services Engineer at Jive Software, talks about the process of upgrading existing themes along with plenty of best practices to make your themes more easily upgradeable in the future.


Matt also did an earlier screencast as an Introduction to Skinning Clearspace, which you might also want to watch along with this video.




You can also download the Quicktime version (Caution: file is ~200MB), or you can watch a larger version online, which will improve readability of embedded screenshots (recommended).


The entire presentation is also attached below as a PDF file.

I wanted to remind everyone that we have a Jivespace weekly group chat scheduled for tomorrow (and every Thursday) from 9-10am Pacific time. During this hour, you can ask any questions about Clearspace development topics to the engineers who wrote the software.


Do you have questions about

  • how we are using Spring, Struts, Acegi, and more in Clearspace 2.0?

  • a particularly difficult customization?

  • writing plugins and widgets?

  • accessing Clearspace data from other sites using web services?

  • any other developer topic?


Please feel free to drop in anytime during the hour to ask questions. We also post all of the chat transcripts to Jivespace.

Learn about the architectural and other technical changes that we made in Clearspace 2.0 from Jive engineering manager Nick Hill along with an overview of the new features from Clay Moore, Jive product manager.


This 20 minute video covers Spring, Acegi, Struts and more on the technical side. New features including personalized home pages, projects, organizational relationships, and document sharing are also reviewed in the video.





You can download the Quicktime Movie version (Caution: 250 MB file) or watch a larger Flash version.


The slides from this presentation are attached below.


New Plugin: Feed your Blog

Posted by dawn Apr 28, 2008

Have you ever wanted to display your external (public) corporate blog inside the internal Clearspace instance used by your employees? Would you like to display content from your personal blog within your Clearspace instance?


The Feed Your Blog plugin gives you the ability to do both of the above and more. This plugin allows your Clearspace instance to periodically poll an RSS or Atom feed and have it post any new entries that it finds to a blog that you specify.


You can get this plugin and other plugins by visiting our plugin page. You can also view the source code of our plugins by browsing our svn repository.

You can now view or download the Clearspace 2.0 plugins from the Plugin area on Jivespace. A big thank you to Jon Garrison, who spent several weeks porting most of the Jive plugins over from Clearspace 1.x to Clearspace 2.0.


Clearspace 2.0 Plugins include:

  • Calendar Widget: show and edit your calendars

  • Clearfox : View Clearspace content in a Firefox Sidebar

  • Example Plugin: Several simple examples designed to show how plugins and macros work

  • Macro: Embed videos in blogs, docs, or discussions

  • EmbedContent Macro: Embed into one document the content of another

  • SlideShare Macro: Display presentations in docs, blog posts, and discussions.

  • Vimeo Macro: Display Vimeo movies in documents, blog posts, and threads

  • User Stats Plugin: This widget displays the names of recently registered users.

  • Yahoo Maps Plugin: Use yahoo maps in documents created in Clearspace to display a map of an address.


If you just want to look at the code, you can access it from our svn repository.




DWR in Clearspace 2.0

Posted by dawn Apr 18, 2008

Aaron Johnson, Jive Engineer, presented to our engineering team about how DWR is used in Clearspace 2.0. He started by walking us through an overview of DWR. After the overview, he showed us exactly how he used DWR in his FeedBlog plugin.


This 7 minute video has the highlights from his presentation.




You can watch a larger Flash version or download the Quicktime Movie version (Caution: 1761MB file)

Here are some resources for anyone wanting to migrate to Clearspace 2.0 or just learn more about the development environment for Clearspace 2.0.


A week ago, we did a series of presentations about Clearspace 2.0 development. We also videotaped all of the presentations, but the editing will take some time for the video, so I wanted to go ahead and share PDFs of the presentations now with the Jivespace community. The videos should be coming out at a rate of 1-2 per week over the next few weeks.


I have attached 5 presentations, and I suggest reading them in this order:

  • Clearspace 2.0 Overview

  • Theming

  • Plugins

  • Widgets

  • Web Services




Clearspace 2.0.1 Released

Posted by dawn Apr 18, 2008

Clearspace 2.0.1 was released last night. It has a number of bug fixes over the 2.0.0 release.


It also has significant improvements to the source build. Several people posted issues  with our source build here on Jivespace, and we think that this version should resolve those issues.


Existing customers can download the new source build or the new application files from your "My Account" page. If you want an evaluation version of Clearspace or Clearspace Community 2.0.1, you can find it on the Jivespace downloads page.

We've had requests for Calendar functionality in Clearspace, but so far, we haven't had an easy way to add a Calendar. Now, with Jive's recent acquisition, we have a way for people to add calendars to Clearspace customized space pages with the Calendar Plugin!


This simple Calendar Widget is a plugin that contains a widget that lets you show and edit any or all of your calendars on your Clearspace community, homepage, or project pages.


Or if you just want to see how Adam Wulf created this widget, you can find the source code in our svn repository. You can also find the Calendar widget and more plugins for Clearspace in Jive Integrations

I wanted to point out (in case you haven't noticed the difference) that Jivespace and some of our other Jive communities are now running on Clearspace Community 2.0!


You can learn more about our launch of Clearspace 2.0 and our new website by visiting Jive Talks.


With any major upgrade, we can probably expect a few minor issues (despite intensive internal testing). If you notice anything strange or buggy, please post comments here.


New Plugin: Member Map

Posted by dawn Mar 26, 2008

Jim Tremlett just released, Member Map, a new plugin for Clearspace based on Google Maps.


The Member Map plugin builds on the Google Map plugin developed by Jay Allen. The plugin displays the location of members of a community based on their addresses. The plugin employs Google's Map API for both the display of the map as well as the geocoding of addresses. As such, the address may be as general as a zip code or state, or as specific as a full address including street address.



Prototype in Clearspace 2.0

Posted by dawn Mar 25, 2008

In this video, Clearspace developer, Nick Hill, talks about how Prototype, Scriptaculous and other Javascript technologies are used within Clearspace 2.0. This was originally presented as an internal Jive training to get our developers up to speed on some of the newer technologies used in Clearspace 2.0, and we wanted to share it with other people doing Clearspace development. If you want to learn more about the Clearspace 2.0 beta, you can visit the beta area on Jivespace.


The pdf file with the complete slides from the presentation is attached below.




You can watch a larger Flash version or download the Quicktime Movie version (Caution: 179MB file)

I took the best 6 minutes out of a presentation that Fred Brock of Jive Software delivered to our engineering teams to teach all of us about the best ways to develop widgets for Clearspace 2.0. This is a must-see for anyone wanting to write widgets for Clearspace 2.0! I've also attached a PDF version of the slides from Fred's presentation.




Or you can download the Quicktime movie (Caution: ~85MB file)


Friends of Jivespace

Posted by dawn Feb 26, 2008

Today, we released Friends of Jivespace, a new blog where key community members can talk about their experiences with Clearspace. So far, we've had 2 community member posts.


Magpie has shared his thoughts on Chaos and Order:



For my inaugural blog on Jivespace I've chosen the subject of Chaos & Order - dichotomy which I believe Clearspace has the potential to fulfil.


I come from a structured world of comprehensive metamodels and complex information management systems. It may seem strange to embrace the world of unstructured information - the enemy for so long. However, to reject is to deny humanity and miss the potential to foster, harvest, and support knowledge sharing and transfer.


I like Clearspace because .... it seeks to embrace having conversations, but with a 21st century twist.



Ryan Rutan's post  discusses a few Random Clearspace X Ideas including:



  • Leveraging the Listener Framework and Filters to process content at create/edit time against a custom dictionary of terms and matching URL structures...and storing meta-data about rendering actions to take into consideration when rendering the document for display. The hopes would be to do one of the following, provide a list of relevant links off to the side of the document that would help drive traffic towards measureable calls to action. If we were bold enough, we could apply these meta-data instructions as a filter, and alter the appearance of the actual words in the content as hyperlinks. This might be too intrusive to our customers, and we'll need to evaluate the nice balance between content ownership and ROI. =)

  • Abstracting the Ratings Engine in ClearspaceX as a Ratings Service for all content on the website. We've been looking at the possibility, of creating a private community visible only to Admins and WebService loings, and then creating Document Stubs into that community and capturing Ratings regarding non-ClearspaceX pages on those assets, and then surfacing the ratings to the remote sites as well through the same Web Service APIs. Since ClearspaceX is integrated into our SSO solution, we already know that we are talking apples to apples between the 2 systems. We just need to work out logistics of whether or not a user (who is logged in), has a "username" or as we call it "alias" when they rate...and how to handle the corner-cases that stem from that core issue.



You will want to keep an eye on this blog. I suspect that we will have some really interesting posts by other community members in the next few days.


If there are any other community members that you wish were included, please let me know.  I would love to add more people to the Friends of Jivespace blog!

Today, Aaron Johnson released a beta version of the Advanced Email Plugin for Clearspace.


The Advanced Email plugin gives your users the ability to comment on blog posts, documents and discussion threads and to create discussion threads, documents and blog posts, all via email.


Please keep in mind that this is a beta plugin, so please read the installation instructions and caveats carefully.


You can get all of the details about the Advanced Email Plugin for Clearspace and download other cool Clearspace plugins on Jivespace.

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