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I just wanted to remind everyone to attend our Jivespace group chat this Thursday (and every Thursday) at 9am Pacific time. Several of the Clearspace core developers and support engineers will be online to answer your questions about Clearspace!

Appfire has just released the FlashCharts Plugin for Clearspace. The Appfire FlashCharts Plugin introduces "data visualization" to Clearspace through stunning XML-based Flash charts and graphs. 20 different flavors of animated charts are individually controlled through 'macro parameters' and a set of associated 'xml data structures' required by each chart type.



You can get all of the details about the FlashCharts plugin and download other cool Clearspace plugins on Jivespace.

We are tentatively planning to hold a Jive Developer Day event focused on the Clearspace 2.0 release.  But before we make anything official, we wanted to make sure that people were interested in attending.


What I need to know

(See below for details)

  1. Are you interested in attending?

  2. If so, would you also attend an optional Saturday event?

  3. Any suggestions to improve the event?


Target Audience

People writing plugins, customizing, or doing other development on Clearspace.


Tentative Logistics

Location: Jive's World HQ in lovely Portland Oregon

Date: April 10-11

Price: Maybe free or a very small registration fee.


Rough Agenda


  • 6-8pm Happy hour with a presentation on New Technologies and Implications for Upgrading to Clearspace 2.0.



  • 8-9: Breakfast / networking

  • 9-9:15: Kickoff with Matt / Bill / Marty

  • 9:15: Session 1 - Tips, Tricks & Best Practices for theming Clearspace 2.0

  • 10-10:15: Break

  • 10:15-11: Session 2 - Widgets to customize home and other pages in Clearspace 2.0

  • 11-11:45: Session 3 - Lessons in upgrading the Google Maps plugin to 2.0

  • 11:45-12:45: Lunch & networking (or working lunch)

  • 12:45-1:30: Session 4 - Plugins and Macros in Clearspace 2.0

  • 1:30-2:15: Session 5 - TBD

  • 2:15-2:30: Break

  • 2:30-3:15: Session 6 - Web Services - what you can do in CS 2.0

  • 3:15-5:15: Coding workshop - Attendees bring their code, ask questions, & get tips from roving Jive engineers

  • 5:15-??: Happy hour & Dinner with Jive developers and brainstorming ideas for improving Clearspace



  • If people are interested, we would be happy to organize a fun Saturday event like a wine tasting, bowling, beers of the NW, etc. We'd probably ask people to chip in to cover the costs of this event, but you would get to hang out with cool people from Jive


Jive's Rick Palmer, Professional Services Engineer, takes about 5 minutes to explain how to insert dynamic content into your Clearspace FreeMarker templates. The slide below provides more details.




Or you can download the Quicktime Movie (Caution! 122MB)


I just wanted to remind everyone to attend our Jivespace group chat on Thursday at 9am Pacific time. Several of the Clearspace core developers and support engineers will be online to answer your questions about Clearspace!


If you missed the last chat, you can find the transcript in Jivespace.

Clearspace 1.10.1 was released today, and it includes a number of minor bug fixes and improvements. Be sure to look at the changelog if you are interested in what has changed.


Wondering what happened to 1.11?  We released a Clearspace 1.11 beta a few weeks ago, and then we decided to rename it to 1.10.1 to reflect that these are bug fixes and not releases with new features. So, 1.11 = 1.10.1.


We are going to continue putting out releases for the Clearspace 1.x series, but from this point forward they will only contain bug fixes and minor improvements. All new feature development has been moved to Clearspace 2.0, which will be available at the end of Q1 2008.

I asked Jay if he would mind being the featured Jivespace community member, and he was kind enough to indulge me with the answers to these questions in an email interview:


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?


I work for a large computer company and lead the community development on one of their web sites.  I took an odd path getting here, I have a math, science and English background (liberal arts, go Ripon College Red Hawks!) but never took a computer class in my life.  That usually leads to jokes like "no wonder your code is...".   A Shakespeare background doesn't hurt when navigating the politics of a large company.  I try to use my own experience as an example for my kids that they can do anything they want if they put their minds to it.  You can imagine how that goes over, they are holding out for the sleeping late and playing video games all day job.  That's not too far from what we do so there's hope.


How did you get involved with Jive and Clearspace?


In the summer of 2000 I (with help from a couple friends who quickly bailed) wrote a sports trivia web site,  I needed to integrate forums into it and after some searching found Jive.  This was around the Jive forums 1 release when Jive was open source software.  I probably have the oldest continually running Jive forums installation ( 1.2.6 I think).  I should invest some more time into it but I'm waiting for the sports trivia market to really take off.  I got to know Matt, Bill, Dave, and Bruce and continued using all the Jive products both personally and professionally. I once knew the entire Jive team but you guys are growing so fast I can't keep up!  It's been very satisfying to watch Jive succeed.


What is your favorite Clearspace plugin?


The youtube plugin.


What is your favorite Clearspace feature?


The drag and drop widgets.  I should say the robust, flexible APIs, enterprise performance, or integrated community suite but I'm a sucker for eye-candy.


Mac or PC?


Sadly, PC but I'm seriously considering a Mac.  My daughter searched on pumpkin patterns around Halloween (do NOT do that) and picked up  a virus that I'm still trying to get rid of.  It sounds like I can do all my development work on a Mac now.


What do you do for fun?


As Bill Cosby said my wife and I used to be intellectuals but then we had kids.  Some days we think all we do is yell.  We have three kids, two boys and a girl and all of them are pretty serious soccer players which consumes a lot of our free time.  Both Kris and I play competitive tennis, Kris coaches girls track, and I run somewhat competitively.  I've done two stints on the Jive Hood to Coast team and am considering a third if Kris and I don't go to the tennis US Open.  When I do my own development it's in the evenings after the kids go to bed.

Having a tough issue with Clearspace? Curious about why we do things the way we do? Just want to learn more about customizing Clearspace?


On Thursday at 9am PST, we will be hosting our first Jivespace group chat.  A few of us (including some of the people who wrote Clearspace) will be hanging out in the group chat, so it would be great if a few of you would join us!


You can ask us anything

Do you have employees or customers who working in various locations around the world?


The Translations macro can help you easily translate documents into other languages only as the need arises. It will insert several flags into the document. When you click on one of the flags, a new window will open with the translated version of the current page.


Right now, it is using Google as the translation engine, and is fixed at having English as the original language. However, the source code is available if you want to tweak it to meet your specific needs (just don't forget to contribute back any enhancements)!


If you want to take a peek at the code to see how the translations macro was constructed, you can get the source from svn.

Learn the basics of customizing your Clearspace theme in this introduction to skinning Clearspace with Matt Walker, professional services engineer (and juggler!) at Jive Software.




Or you can download the Quicktime version (Caution! ~100MB file)


You can also learn more about customizing Clearspace by visiting our documentation space!

I asked our developers here at Jive to respond to the following in 15 seconds or less: tell me your craziest idea for how to improve Clearspace.  Here is what they came up with, but make sure you hang around for the bloopers at the end!




Or download the Quicktime movie (~58MB)

If you are looking for an easy way to display slide shows in Clearspace, we have a SlideShare Macro plugin that lets anyone display a slide show presentation in documents, blog posts, and threads.


You can use this plugin to display SlideShare presentations, but it also provides a simple example code to illustrate how you can use a plugin to display media from other online sources in Clearspace as embedded content. You can learn more about the plugin or just download the code from svn.


A quick example:



The Clearspace 1.11 Beta is available for download.


Clearspace 1.11 is primarily a bug fix release. You can browse through the change log attached below if you want to know exactly what we changed. It would be great to have a few people from the Jivespace community kick the tires for a while. You can post any bugs, issues, or other feedback in the Clearspace Beta Program space.


As always, the standard caveats apply. Please keep in mind that we offer these betas to give developers an opportunity to test pre-released Jive Software. Do NOT run production environments using beta products. These beta products are entirely unsupported. However, we would love to hear your feedback about the beta product to help us improve the final version of Clearspace.


How to Structure a Community

Posted by dawn Dec 27, 2007

At a recent Portland Web Innovators meeting, I led a discussion about different ways to structure a community. This video contains a 20 minute discussion during this meeting where we talked about community structures ranging from emergent to highly structured to adaptive. I also blogged about this topic recently on Jive Talks




Or download the MPEG4 Video (~50MB)

If you want to easily embed videos in your Clearspace blog posts, documents, and discussions, we have two plugins that might be useful.


The YouTube macro lets you embed videos from YouTube, which is great for smaller videos.  For longer videos (more than the 10 minute YouTube limit), we have a plugin.


All of the videos on Jivespace use the plugin.  Here's an example in action:




Download or learn more about these plugins from Jivespace or visit our svn server to download the source and see how we did it!


If you are interested in writing your own plugin or macro for Clearspace, you can find plenty of information in our documentation space.

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