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I'm pleased to announce the availability of 5.0.4. Jive 5.0.4 is a maintenance release that contains a significant number of bug fixes. To find out more about the specifics of the bug fixes, look here: Fixed Issues in Jive 5.0.4

Here are the other details:

I'm happy to announce that we have released several new bugfix versions of the Jive Events Extension.


Check out the release notes within the aforementioned document to see what issues were addressed specifically for each version.



I'm pleased to announce the availability of 4.5.8. Jive 4.5.8 is a maintenance release that contains a significant number of bug fixes. To find out more about the specifics of the bug fixes, look here: Fixed Issues in Jive 4.5.8


Here are the other details:


This will be the last planned maintenance release for the 4.5.x codebase. If/when high risk security vulnerabilities are discovered or extremely severe bugs are found, we will release emergency hotfixes as needed.

I am pleased to announce the release of This is a maintenance release that fixes urgent issues.


Downloads are available via your purchases page.


Issues Addressed

  • provides a number of performance improvements targeted to Internet Explorer 7 users

05.17.2012:  Release of Mobile Plugin 5.0.4

From now on, all plugin announcements will be located under the Products spaces.


Linking to it here: [Archived] Jive Ideation

Updated Version: Jive Ideation 5.0.3

I'm pleased to announce the availability of 5.0.3. This maintenance release contains a large number of bug fixes including many significant improvements to IE 7 performance.


Please go to your purchases page to download 5.0.3.


For specific details on this release, please refer to:

Release Notes for Jive 5

SharePoint Connector

Overview of this Module

Jive SharePoint Connector is now available!  This Jive SharePoint Connector can only be used with Jive 5.0.1 and 5.0.2, and is not an upgrade from the Jive SharePoint Connector 1.6 plugin.  SPC 5.0 has the same features as Jive SharePoint Connector 1.6. If you use Jive version 4.5, you can download SharePoint Connector 1.6, which is the most current version.  If you have previously purchased the SharePoint Connector module and would like the latest version, please create a case in your customer group, and we will reply with a link and password.  You can get the Jive SharePoint Connector by creating a case in your customer group.  You cannot download it from your Purchases or the Plugin Downloads space.


What's New in this Release?

Known issues

Notable issues

Fixed Issues


SharePoint Connector Compatibility Matrix



Refer to the documentation and Release Notes for details.

Release Notes:

Full Documentation:



SharePoint Connector

04.19.12   Overview of Changes

  • Configure a time threshold to restrict older SharePoint documents from showing up in activity, recent content, and email notification when they are first streamed.
  • Customize a socialized place when SharePoint Server is down or not available.
  • Socialize sites without socializing their sub-sites.
  • SharePoint server time-outs are now handled gracefully so that Jive users don't have to wait when requesting assets.

Pursuant to standard software development practices and consistent with prior communications, Jive's policy for maintenance releases is to solely include fixes to issues identified since the prior release.  To ensure smooth upgrades, new product features are purposely not introduced in the quarterly maintenance releases.


Furthermore, new features introduced in the latest version of Jive are not backported to previous versions by default.  The rationale is the same as with maintenance releases; we aim to provide stability first and foremost and not force changes upon our customer base.

Please follow the Jive Release Schedule for the latest timing on upcoming releases.

02.29.2012- Updated releases for Jive 4.5 and Jive 5.0.

02.29.2012- Updated releases for Jive 4.5 and Jive 5.0.

Following the EOL of Jive 4.0, the original SBS Mobile application will soon be removed from iTunes.  You may wish to update the mobile permissions for your community to ensure that your current users aren't impacted while concurrently removing the link to iTunes from profile pages.  For example, current users could be added to a permission group with mobile access while excluding the rest of the community members.

Jive 4.5.6+ communities licensed with the mobile module can utilize the cross-platform HTML5 mobile web application and/or recently released native iPhone application.  Details can be found in the The specified item was not found. group.


Jive is committed more than ever to the mobile enablement of our public and private communities.  By making this move, we both eliminate confusion over which app is the latest in the App Store and can focus on delivering the best possible next-generation mobile experience. 

If you have any questions related to your current Jive deployment and how this announcement may impact you please contact Jive Training and Support Resources or your account manager.


Thank you,


Brian Gil

Jive Product Management

2.17.2012: Video Plugin Update for Jive 5.0.2.x


I'm pleased to announce the extension of support for Jive 4.5 through April 15, 2013.  Simply stated, we've made this commitment because we've listened and we want you to be successful.  By supporting 4.5 for a longer period, we ensure that you are able to seamlessly migrate to the latest and greatest version of Jive when most appropriate for you.

Please refer to the Product Support EOL document in the Jive Community for release and EOL dates for all versions of Jive.  If you have additional questions please contact Jive Support or post them in your customer group on the Jive Community and we will make sure to address them promptly.

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