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Jive Community Manager Blog

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Over the coming weeks (and beyond), you can expect to hear renewed focus on certain aspects of Jive Community management.  The first aspect I'd like to focus on is Voice Amplification. I consider a community person's "Voice"  to be a combination of numerous factors.  Of which, the most fundamental is the assurance that when you speak, there is someone on the other end listening to the conversation.  In order to provide the best environment for success, it is incumbent on both the speaker and listener to converse in a contextually relevant location (a.k.a. Where).


Per feedback I've heard (as well as personally experienced as a customer), I thought it would be prudent to perform an exercise that conducts an audit of all Spaces and Groups in the Jive Community, and make sure that there is a mutual understanding from both Jive and our customer base regarding where conversations happen and who is responsible for following through on said conversations.  The worst thing a community can do is provide a platform where no one is listening!


What am I doing?

  • Working through the lengthy list of Spaces and Groups on the Jive Community, and:
    • Determining proper ownership / escalation path exists (and is up to date)
    • Marking locations for deprecation, relocation, or convergence (as needed)
    • Defining bottom-up view of the Jive Community use-cases for use in future direction


The end goal:  A simpler and clearer view of where to collaborate in the Jive Community, plus better assurance that someone will be listening.


What can you do?

  • If there is a place (Space, Group) that you frequent (not include your company support group), and you feel as though it is very relevant and necessary to your use of the Jive Community.  Please let me know the following as a comment to this blog post:
    • @mention the location(s)
      • Note:  If someone has already mentioned your location, feel free to simply Like the comment and/or comment on just the differences.
    • Brief description of the value you realize from conversations in the group (optional)
    • Who do you think is the owner in this place from Jive?  (If not sure, please indicate so) - Please @mention them
    • Who do you think is the leader in this place from a Jive OR Customer perspective? - Please @mention them for your answer.
  • Share this with your connections in the Jive Community to make sure we get as much coverage possible.


Note:  As Jive Community Manager, I am responsible for the longevity and success of the Jive Community ecosystem.  This includes both technical and non-technical aspects of the community.  While the above statements are aimed to disclose some of the renewed focus to the non-technical fronts, all efforts to resolve outstanding technical issues remain intact.