Hello Jive Community (the JC) members,


I wanted to check in at the end of my first full week here at Jive (focused on the JC) and provide some insights as to what is going on.

System Announcement Recap:

Email Digests Temporarily Disabled in the JC (posted November 1st, 2011)

Due to an infrastructure issue with the mail servers for the Jive Community, we have temporarily disabled the Email Digest feature in the Jive Community.  This feature is responsible for sending you daily, weekly summaries of activity and is controlled in your User Preferences.

I made this decision to curb unnecessary impact to the broader audience that use one-off notification emails.  Fortunately a project was already underway to revamp the mail infrastructure which should be ready soon.  Our plan is to re-enable this feature once the new hardware is in place, and a similar system announcement will be done at that time.

Please note:  At this time, our investigation shows that the issue(s) should be limited to only Jive Community instance alone, and should not impact any other instances (hosted or otherwise).  If there are any changes to in scope or impact, I will be sure to update the Community first thing.


In an effort to keep our support staff focused on your top  issues, if you require any further information on this announcement, either share your thoughts here: Open Discussion Re: Email Digest Temporarily Disabled in Jive Community or invite Ryan Rutan (myself) to discuss in private.

We appreciate everyone's patience as we work through this issue,



Ryan Rutan - Your Community Manager


Report as Abuse threshold dropped to 1 from 3.

This should make it easier for the community at large to remove spam when discovered.  Thanks to April Jacobs for the suggestion and John Schwiller for his relentless attempts to help keep the JC spam in-check.  Given all the changes at Jive over the past year, Community Management has been a volunteer effort by many Jivers (Curtis Gross Gia Lyons Deirdre Walsh and Kristina Johansson to name a few).  Please join me in thanking them (and those unlisted) for their efforts to keep the Jive Community eco-system moving forward.



What Have I Been Doing?


Well, like I said in my last post, I believe Voice Amplification is very important to getting the JC moving in the right direction.  Knowing the right place to collaborate is essential to this function.  As such, I took a look at the Space and Groups that were available to users and discovered that we have quite a few options. *understatement


In fact, on Wednesday, I went through and purged over 200+ Public, Members Only, and Private groups from the system.

Why?  A few reasons:

  • Public and Members Only Groups are cesspools for SPAM.  They are out of the way, no one notices them ... but they add to the activity stream the same as a space.
  • Group noise reduces utility and value of features such as "Groups like this" or drop-down auto-completes with noise.


In addition to purging, I logged the remaining groups and started grouping them together into themes.  I plan to use this information to help drive the new JC Information Architecture and structure.  Once finalized, we will be looking to insure that their is a clear ownership for each of these groups for the users to follow.  This could mean that there will be someone(s) from Jive to liaison feedback to Jive, or it could also mean that there is an explicit declaration that there is no liaison and that users should not assume that Jive is listening to the group.   Either message, will  clearly set expectations with users ... giving them confirmation on what Jive audience is listening.



What's Next?


Next week, I see more of the same ... as there is a lot of data to sift through for the new JC IA.  So making sure all the groups and themes are thought out and represented in a logical (customer centric means) is very important.  I expect to start shedding some focus on plugging the User Groups initiatives on JC, such as Le Club - Jivé and Bay Area User Group to see if we can find more pockets of people who would benefit from meeting up and sharing ideas in the local region.


Are you attending Enterprise 2.0?  If so, I'll be there for a short stint presenting on Tuesday Morning, so stop by and say if you get a chance.




What are your Thoughts?


If you were the community manager, where would you focus your time?  Help me understand what's important to you and help me incorporate that into my road map. 

Remember:  This is not MY Community ... this is OUR Community!


I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend!



Ryan Rutan - Your Community Manager