It's been another eventful week here in the JC ... so this is whats going down.


System Announcement Recap:


Maintenance Update: Jive Community Restart on Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 @ 8PM PST

The Jive Community will perform a mild maintenance task on Tuesday, January 10th, 2011 at 8PST

The maintenance should be completed by 9PM, and should NOT result in downtime; however, during this window users may experience intermittent UI sluggishness.


Note:  This maintenance only applies to the Jive Community.  Any and all other communities hosted by Jive ARE NOT AFFECTED.  To keep our support staff focused on your highest priority issues, please escalate any questions regarding this announcement to Ryan Rutan directly.

Upgrade Alert: Jive Community will be upgrading to in early Q1

As promised, shortly after our migration to hosting we have our eyes set on upgrading the JC to the latest and greatest version of Jive 5.  With this upgrade, we are planning to install some new plugins including the recently released Community Manager Reports Plugin and some other treats that we'll keep secret for now.


As part of this upgrade, we finally plan to re-enable Direct Messaging and change User Relationships to Followers vs. Friends.  One other aspect worth mentioning:  we will be fatiguing a significant number of SPAM and abandoned accounts (last logged in before 2010) with this upgrade.  What does that mean?  It just means that we will be disabling the account (not purging anything).  Our intent is to clean up the User index (improve @mention accuracy) and reduce the number of email digests sent out to the abandoned accounts.


Note:  All these updates are still pending UAT sign-off; however, we are optimistic and thought we'd share the news.

What Have I Been Doing?

As some of you may have noticed, I've started making some changes around the JC.  You may or may not have noticed the new Home Page, the User The specified item was not found. pilot, or even the new JiveWorld space (check out this discussion: JiveWorld Alumni - how has JiveWorld changed you?) .  These are still interim steps in our new community re-org, but good steps nonetheless.  There are a slew of other changes in the works and planned through out the year ... so stay tuned!


A special "Thank You" goes out to everyone who has taken the initiative to join a Regional User Group, and people like nbussarddannyryan, Christina Zurcher, and dougmackay who have welcomed users into their regional groups on the JC!


Also, please note the recent discussion I started in the Product Innovation and Feedback space:

Want to improve search relevancy in Jive?  Here's your chance!

Let Karl Rumelhart and his team know how they can make the search relevancy in Jive better for you!


Beyond that, this week has been all about closing out 2011 and ramping up 2012 with the JC upgrade to start it off!.


What's Next?

Over the coming weeks, I hope to continue working on the JC community structure,  soliciting users to join regional user groups, and looking for opportunities to promote thought leadership in social business on the Jive Community.  If you have ideas on how you'd like to participate, or just general feedback, please let me know.


Reminder: If you haven't done so yet, please make sure to link your Twitter to the Jive Community, and use the tag #socbiz to have your status updated in the JC.!input.jspa


What are your Thoughts?


If you were the community manager, where would you focus your time?  Help me understand what's important to you and help me incorporate that into my road map. 

Remember:  This is not MY Community ... this is OUR Community!



Ryan Rutan - Your Community Manager