It's been another eventful week here in the JC ... so this is whats going down.


System Announcement Recap:


Upgrade Alert: Jive Community tentatively scheduled to upgrade to on Friday, January 20th, 2012 @ <EVENING TBD> PST

We are currently in the final stages of UAT and have some minor issues to resolve, and some test cases to complete; however, overall things look quite promising.  As such, to try and give our customers the best heads up possible, we are announcing this tentative date/time.


During this upgrade, the Jive Community will be down, actual downtime not yet calculated, but we are comfortable saying less than 1 hour at this time.

Note: This maintenance will only affect the Jive Community (this community), it will not affect the availability of any other Jive hosted community.  To help keep our support engineers focused on your highest priority issues, please raise any concerns here: Open Discussion Re: Jive Community Upgrade on January 20th, 2012


Some notables changes for this release:

  • Upgrade all modules to their latest and greatest, including Jive Mobile Plugin and Jive Ideation Module 5.0
  • Install some new plugins to the JC, one of which is the recently released Community Manager Reports Plugin.
  • Re-enable Direct Messaging and Modify User Relationships to Approved Followers vs. Friendships.
  • Disabling (not purging) a significant number of inactive/abandoned accounts to optimize the User Index, improve @mention accuracy, and address aspects of historical SPAM in the JC.


Note:  All these updates are still pending UAT sign-off; however, we are optimistic and thought we'd share the news.


Hats Off

In this episode of Hats Off, I'd like to give a shout out to Dave Myers for sharing his HTML Widget: How to Create a Content Slider and HTML Widget: How to Create a Stock Widget documents in the Developer community.  For those that have wanted to create a section on your Overview dashboard that rotates content, or display a basic stock ticker, these are must sees!  Thanks Dave for sharing with the community! 


What's the coolest thing you've done with an HTML Widget(s) in Jive?  Care to share?


Special thanks to Nikhil Nulkar for becoming a driving force in building up the The specified item was not found. roster!  I am confident that complementing online discussions with face-to-face interactions can only lead to higher community satisfaction and better proliferation of social business best practices. That is what JiveWorld does, and we all love it!  Check out the The specified item was not found. space to find thought leadership or regional user groups in the JC.


What Have I Been Doing?


This week has been focused on the future, primarily prepping/testing for the upcoming Jive Community upgrade.  I have no doubt that this upgrade will provide our community with an even more powerful platform to collaborate!


Also, Karl Rumelhart and team are still looking for feedback on the open discussion.  If you have a second, feel free to share any and all feedback.  We are listening! =)

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What's Next?


Next week will be all about dotting the I's and crossing the T's for the JC upgrade, as well as, continuing to work on aspects for the future of the JC.  Hopefully, I'll be able to spend some cycles on the ... as I'm very excited to try and get it to an Alpha release ASAP.


Coming up on January 23rd, is Community Manager Appreciation Day, care to share how all you community managers out there in The specified item was not found. and External Community Managers going to celebrate?


What are your Thoughts?


If you were the community manager, where would you focus your time?  Help me understand what's important to you and help me incorporate that into my road map. 

Remember:  This is not MY Community ... this is OUR Community!



Ryan Rutan - Your Community Manager