It's been another eventful week here in the JC ... so this is whats going down.


System Announcement Recap:


Upgrade Alert: Jive Community scheduled to upgrade to on Friday, January 20th, 2012 @ 7 PST (Tonight!!!!)

During this upgrade, the Jive Community will be down, actual downtime not yet calculated, but we are comfortable saying less than 1 hour at this time.

Note: This maintenance will only affect the Jive Community (this community), it will not affect the availability of any other Jive hosted community.  To help keep our support engineers focused on your highest priority issues, please raise any concerns here: Open Discussion Re: Jive Community Upgrade on January 20th, 2012


Some notables changes for this release:


Hats Off

In this episode of Hats Off, I'd like to give a shout out to Ryan King.  Not only is he the author or the Jive Events Extension, which will be rolling out with the upgrade tonight (AWESOME!!!!!!), but he also drafted a nifty tutorial in the Developer community showing how to add tabs/buttons in the Jive 5 interface using the plugin framework. - How to: Add a Tab to a Place 


If you find his  tutorial useful, definitely take a moment to share your feedback with Ryan on the community!  Thanks Ryan King for sharing such awesome stuff!


Do you have any tips, tricks, or best practices you use on Jive to get your work done?  Care to share?



What Have I Been Doing?


Once again this week has been focused on the future.  Starting with tonight's upgrade, and laying out projects and priorities for the first half of 2012.  One program that I am excited to get up and running is a Community Blogging space.  In short, we know it's hard to blog.  It's even harder to commit to blogging an entire series.  Well we think we can help reduce some of the burden by creating a shared and moderated community blogging space in the Jive Community where people can blog their thoughts about social business. All we have to do is come up with a name for the space, some rules and guidelines, and we'll get it set up soon.  Would anyone be interested in voting on the name, or making suggestions?  Any body interested in being one of the first bloggers?


I'm continued to be amazed at the number of people who have reached out and joined a The specified item was not found. in their area.  Thank you to everyone who extends a welcoming hand to all the new users!  There are already talks of setting up offline meetups in the near future The specified item was not found. The specified item was not found. (something we think the Events module will help orchestrate moving forward), so please be sure to reach out to your Jive Sales Representative, or myself, and see how Jive can help facilitate.


Also, dont forget to check out these active conversations,

What are some of your best and worst customer support experiences of all time?

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What's Next?


With the Jive Community upgrade behind me, I plan to turn my focus towards the Information Architecture and start rolling out pieces of the new structure as they gain approval.  I was not able to spend any time on the this week, but I'm optimistic some time will surface next week.


Coming up on January 23rd, is Community Manager Appreciation Day, care to share how all you community managers out there in The specified item was not found. and External Community Managers going to celebrate?


What are your Thoughts?


If you were the community manager, where would you focus your time?  Help me understand what's important to you and help me incorporate that into my road map. 

Remember:  This is not MY Community ... this is OUR Community!



Ryan Rutan - Your Community Manager