Going back to the roots of other upgrade announcements Jive has done - It's time!


After a lot of discussion, we're upgrading the Jive Community to 7.0. As a separate, but directly related item - we're taking the re-invention of the Jive Community seriously too. We're making the technical jump to 7.0, and at the same time having some great conversations around how we can improve and better help, serve, and connect our customers and partners (that's you). In the meantime, we're taking the community to 7, and removing some of the custom functionality that has been in place.


Upgrade Maintenance Alert: Jive Community Down Time on Friday, April 4th @ 5PM PST

The Jive Community will perform an upgrade task on Friday, April 4th, 2014 at 5PM PST.  The maintenance should be completed by 12AM PST.


Note:  This maintenance only applies to the Jive Community.  Any and all other communities hosted by Jive ARE NOT AFFECTED.  To keep our support staff focused on your highest priority issues, please escalate any questions regarding this announcement to your Support or Account Manager immediately


Over the next 24 hrs, if you have concerns or need support, please visit http://www.jivesoftware.com/services-support/customer-support/ - or - for Immediate Issues call support at 503.972.3269


A reminder of a few things that will be coming once we upgrade - from the Products blog:

Highlights of the Jive Custom 7 release:


Jive Custom 7 is our biggest version release to date! It includes new profiles, search and analytics capabilities to modernize your intranet or portal, as well as collaboration features to increase the pace at which work gets done. New developer tools let IT teams increase and extend the Jive platform, and brand new universal iOS mobile app unites today's digital workplace.


New Metrics for Communications & ContentScreen Shot 2013-12-15 at 8.43.08 PM.png

  • New Impact Metrics: See not only who has viewed your blog posts and documents, but who has referred them to others. You'll also be able to view Impact Metrics by department, turning metrics into a powerful tool to drive engagement and influence company-wide.




Improved Expertise Location

  • Enhanced Profiles: Redesigned to make profiles more relevant to day-to-day work, with ability to list your expertise, to endorse co-workers for their expertise, and to search and invite based on expertise.
  • Search Weighting: New algorithms to serve up relevant content via search. Streamlined search UX and new "smart search" uses knowledge of user behavior and content meta-data to influence search results and to give quick access to Frequently Viewed people, content, and places




New "Get Work Done" CapabilitiesTileListJ7.png

  • Structured Outcomes: Turn talk into real business decisions. Mark content for action; find final and official collateral fast to drive productivity.
  • Place Templates: Help employees achieve business value more quickly with pre-configured place templates and tiles designed for common marketing, sales, IT, and HR use cases.


New Mobile Experience

  • Enhanced iOS Native App: Give end-users the ability to fully engage from their mobile device. They can create videos, blog posts, documents, discussions, status updates, and direct messages; search for content and expertise; mark content for action, as a decision, as helpful, etc.; interact via their custom streams; and quickly access their own content (requires Module Module purchase).
  • Improved Mobile Web experience. We're enhancing the mobile web experience with a focus on public communities (and will also be adding official support for Mobile Safari), giving our customers more flexibility in branding and theming their community on mobile. Whether logged in or browsing as a guest, users can view videos, start discussions, share their latest gamification mission completion in a status update and much more.


Other Product Enhancements

  • Enhanced Video: Enhanced user interface for playback, uploading, recording, and embedding video.



Again - for clarity, The Jive Community will be going down for maintenance and upgrade this coming Friday at 5PM PST. It will be down until approximately until midnight (4/5, 12:00A PST). Post upgrade we will be on 7.0, and have a whole ton of new, awesome functionality. If you have any questions please post them here.



Max Calderon

Jive Software | Community Manager