• Room Finder App

    A few months ago, Jussi Heikkola built a room finder app. It has two pieces, the app itself and the back end server. ...
  • What's New in Jive 8?

    Here are some of the many new features and improvements you'll see in Jive 8. To stay up to date on all the latest ...
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  • Bug: Task Impossible to Delete

    I have a task on my list that I cannot delete, change, update. No matter what I do, the task will not go away. This t...
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  • Simple Script for Jive Data Export Service

    WARNING: If you're using a mac, don't copy and paste commands into textedit, it will change characters and break the ...
  • Query Search Terms Used

    Below is an Oracle solution for querying the analytics database and returning a list of search terms used over a user...
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  • Analytics Data Model

    Overview of Design Activity Fact Table Aggregate Fact Tables Jive Object Dimension User Dimension ...
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  • Definitions of Analytics Events

    This document covers in specific detail the different events that are available in the analytics database.   Ev...
  • Jive Advanced Gamification Module: Admin Documentation

    Check out the Official setup guide here: How do I grant access to the Gamification Admin Console? How do I ac...
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  • Profile completion reminder

    Inspired by websites like Linkedin and other places, where a box on your  profile tells you how many percent com...
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  • Finding the Jive Database Schemas

    Where do I find the Jive Database Schemas? Jive 8 Database Schemas Jive 7 Database Schemas Jive 6 Database ...
  • Categories & Sub-Categories

    I am struggling to get people to wrap their arms around no 'sub-categories' with this platform. Almost every function...
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  • Available Widgets Reference

    Different widgets are available in different types of pages. The following tables show the types of widgets that c...
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  • Home Page Options

    Home is an optional page that you can configure with a variety of widgets. The configuration options you enable will ...
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  • Managing Content Categories

    Categories are words or phrases an administrator provides for users to classify content in a place. (You can also ass...
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  • Standard Space Permission Levels

    The application includes several default space permission levels. Designed to meet common permissions needs, these ar...
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  • Local Jive8 instance: cargo-start gives me blank 404 page

    Hello team,   I was setting up my local Jive 8 instance and encountered an error here. The project was successf...
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  • Four months in the Cloud, what is it really like transitioning to Activity + Pages?

    The below blog is something i've written and shared with my own community today. Since moving to the Cloud we've real...
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  • Module 9: Measurement & Reporting

    Course Objectives Course Video Module Checklist Course Objectives Understand what to track and measure a...
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  • Maven: Settings.xml File

    Note: this Maven configuration provides access to Jive binaries and sources via the maven-secure.jivesoftware.com ser...
  • Maven: Start Here

    About Maven at Jive Jive Software offers a Secure repository with credentialed access for partners and licensed custo...