• Managing Blogs

    Blogs and blog content can be managed in several ways depending on their location. Generally speaking, blogs are ma...
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  • Managing Blog Permissions

    This topic describes the permission settings for global blogs -- that is, blogs that aren't associated with a particu...
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  • Migrating Blog Content

    As an administrator, you can migrate an existing blog from one context to another, without restriction. For exampl...
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  • Jive Release Schedule

    **Please note that any future dates in this table are subject to change. **   Want to gain insight into Jive, c...
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  • Jive Platform Data Flows and Sequence Diagrams (REST/JSON)

    This document breaks down the sequence of events that occur between your service and a Jive instance. This document i...
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  • Tiles and Tile Styles

    Overview Tile Styles Tile Communication Tile Definition Styles Property—Type of Tiles Available ...
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  • Using the Jive Activity API: How to create activities, notifications and actions from your app

    Jive 5 is optimized for consuming and understanding the information that flows into each user's activity stream. Beca...
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  • Operations Cookbook

    This section is intended to provide sample configurations and script examples common to long-term operation of a Jive...
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  • Restricting Admin Console Access by IP Address

    You can secure the Admin Console by allowing or denying specific IP addresses. About this task To specify who can a...
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  • JiveWorld16 Video, Presentation, and Blog index

    Keynotes, and Mainstage Videos available here Keynote and Mainstage blogs/summaries: Pre-Conference Sessions ...
  • Jive for Office/Outlook Maintenance release 30.4.0

    Today we will be releasing a maintenance release for our Jive for Office/Jive for Outlook solution. The focus of this...
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  • EEC4.pdf

    Getting Executives Engaged
  • Executive blogging:  Challenges, benefits and talking points

    Executive and leadership blogs are getting more buzz all the time, and good blogs written by CEOs, CFOs and other lea...
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  • External File Storage

    Jive can integrate with a number of external storage solutions on a licensing basis. You can integrate it with many m...
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  • Creating Collaborative Documents (Jive 7)

    You can create new documents from scratch in the community.  These documents are called collaborative documents....
  • Outbound Mail Configuration for Jive Hosted Instances

    Jive Hosting has made some changes to the way outbound mail from hosted instances is relayed. These changes will affe...
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  • Hosting Services FAQ

    This document contains a list of FAQs regarding different Hosting Services. Please also check out the FAQs regarding ...
  • Bulk Upload Plugin

    Summary The bulk upload plugins gives you the ability to upload batches of documents, allowing you to easily import ...
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  • System Properties Reference

    System properties configure application-wide settings. Some of the settings correspond to configuration elements in t...
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  • External Community Examples

    The following are examples of external communities. Please feel free to add your own external community.   T-Mo...
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