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  • Having better stats to send mailings for different users on Jive

    How relevant would it be for your team to be able to send targeted emails based on the different users:   Send...
  • Meme March Madness 2013 - Final Round

    The following are the winners of the open submission round. Meme March Madness 2013 Challenge   Unlocked Prize...
  • Markdown anyone?

    Do you guys know markdown?
  • Vote for Your Favorite JiveWorld16 Photo!

    It's hard to believe that it has already been two weeks since JiveWorld, but the fun isn't quite over. We still have ...
  • Where do you find the most problems when it comes to UI and/or UX?

  • Who is using the keyword interceptor to block specific words, phrases, content from posting to your Jive community?

    Just curious if there are any organizations out there actually using the keyword interceptor to actually block or res...
  • How do you get back to your content?

    Hi there! I'm working through some UX flows in Jive, and would love your input. As a user who creates content in Jiv...
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    Bookmarked 4 years ago by lfb
  • Favorite Christmas Song Poll

    Just trying out the poll, feature.  Seems super easy to use, now that you have stopped by please click a vote fo...
  • OurNews Homepage Layout

    Following some research on user experience, we're exploring some options of new homepage layout. Please choose which ...
  • Vote on the best attendee photo of JiveWorld14!

    This year JiveWorld attendees captured and shared some really fun photos. Almost 1,000 photos were uploaded in the Ji...
  • Can we move past the carbon copy?

    I still see a lot of people cc'd (literally) on Jive posts across communities we work on.  They must know it sta...
  • [Jive for Mac] What essential feature do you absolutely want in the next version ?

    Jive for Mac is a desktop application for Mac OSX which allow you to access your Jive content natively on your Mac co...

    Who will win the battle?
  • Which new feature do you like most in Jive version 7

    Which new feature do you like most in Jive version 7
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    Bookmarked 5 years ago by cowens
  • Would you attend a monthly User Group and/or "Showcase" call with other internal community managers?

    In my former and current organizations I held/hold monthly user group meetings where we discuss a specific topic in d...
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    Bookmarked 6 years ago by babate
  • Submit Problem Button

    Do users of Productive feel that there should be an option (like a button or text box) to submit the problems they ar...
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    Bookmarked 6 years ago by raunak
  • Do you allow non-work related social groups in your space?

    I think it would be useful to know what the community thinks about non-work related social groups.
  • Vote for Your Favorite JiveWorld Photo

    This year JiveWorld attendees captured and shared more photos that ever before. More than 2,000 photos were uploaded ...
  • What are the most important daily tasks as an Internal Commmunity Manager?

  • Producteev Communication

    What is your viewpoint on the distribution of information since the recent transition?  How would you describe y...
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    Bookmarked 6 years ago by jazz