Case #106777: Upgrading from 2.5.29 to 4.5.5 Clarification


Can please help me clarify the steps for performing the upgrade from 2.5.29 to 4.5.5? I have read the documentation several times but I'm not clear as to how the existing 2.5.29 database will get updated.


This is how I think the process goes:


  1. Install the initial 4.5.5 package on the target.
  2. Use the export.jar utility to bring over the 2.5.29 jiveHome to the new jive home set in jive.instance.home.
  3. This is where I'm stuck. How do I get to the Admin Console that will perform the database upgrade? If I point to the initial 4.5.5 instance how does it know that it's going to do an upgrade at this point? Does it use the transferred jiveHome to know this?


Thank you,



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