Case #109223: Video Module Questions


I had a community member post some questions that I haven't been able to find answers to on the Jive community or in any of the video module documentation.


- Is there a way to customize the size of the video player (for example, on the groups overview page, you can only view the full module in a wide column)? Is having a smaller video player for use in narrow columns on the road map?

- When the user was using the "record from webcam" feature, video was captured but not audio. BUT, when they recorded a video from the same webcam and uploaded it, video and audio were captured. Is this a known bug, or is there a fix? (FYI: Using IE 6.0.29 and the Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 for Business.)

- While there is no system-enforced limit on video size, is there a generally accepted size at which video uploading / streaming becomes problematic? (For example, a user was trying to upload an HD video that was 139mb and had it freeze several times during upload before he gave up.) With that, is there a way to customize the text within the video player to specify a "suggested" file size limit?

- Is there a live streaming (webcasts, etc.) capability on the road map?

- Is there a way to easily customize the link language in the actions widget so it reads "edit video info" instead of "edit video" (which implies video editing capabilities)?

- Is there a way to suppress automatic video play within the featured video widget on group overview pages? (No one likes content that plays automatically -- it's like MySpace pages with music all over again.)

- After hitting the "Publish" button from the Create New Video page, it  tells users that video is currently being encoded and will be available  soon. They're not given a video encoding progress bar or a "done!" message ... is there a cue they should be looking for to know when it's complete? Will a video encoding progress bar be a part of future module updates?

- And, finally, a question I don't totally understand: Will users be able to begin uploading and embedding .FLA/.SWF flash video  files onto IdeaBook and use a customized Flash video player at some  point in the future?




Thanks in advance!



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