Case #135611: Behavior of Categories Widget


Hi All,


We have seen that ,the Category widget shows a  different behavior when used in SPACES to that, when used in GROUPS. 


In Space


We used  a  Category widget and saw that the  Categories appeared as links directing us to  'All Content' and displaying documents of the particular category.





In Group



We used a category widget , but the categories did not appear as links. It is however possible to go to the Content of categories by clicking on the right end of the  categories under documents/discussions/blogs.




However, users would like to have Categories as links leading them to the respective contents, without  need to click towards the right end of the widget.


We  have also observed that the categories do appear as links  in the Category Widget when used in a Group , provided the area alloted to it  is  small in the Group Overview(based on layout ). However, this time,  it doesnot redirect you to the documents and  will be simply redirected to Group Overview page. If  Recent Content Widget is  not used, we  will not be able to see any changes / difference .





Could You please  suggest , how can we make the links in the category widget to appear when  used in small area (make them independent of layout ) in the group overview and be directed to the respective content ?





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