Case #138513: RSS Feed with all content and filtered on categories returning too much content


After viewing the 'All Content" tab and then restricting the content set to a single category, followed by clicking on the 'RSS feed of this list' results in too many content items being shown.


Steps to reproduce:


  1. Navigate to a space with a few pieces of content (it is possible that there mush be less than ten items in the category for this to fail)
  2. Ensure than one or two are in a particular category.
  3. Click on teh 'All Content' tab
  4. Click on the category to reduce the content set to the small (less than 10 items) number
  5. Click on 'RSS feed of this list' and see that too many content items are displayed.


Here is my space:


The document is the item with a category named: "REQUIREMENTS"




All content tab filtered on the category, REQUIREMENTS:



Resultant RSS feed with too many items listed:




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