Case #140086: Would like to enable user.decay.period to disable inactive users


Hi, I wanted to post this case so we can get your thoughts on whether this is a good solution for us.


Currently we have SSO set up and when a new family enrolls with us, an account is created for them in thebigthinK. However, we don't currently have any good processes for disabling users, and we have tons to deal with.


I found out last week about the user.decay.period system property, and I would like to explore the option of setting this property to user.decay.period = 13, which I'm hoping will automatically disable the accounts of families who have moved on from our program.


Does this have any implications for SSO? We're talking about a very large number of users who could be disabled by setting this property, so is there anything we need to be aware of before setting this? I'm still a little unfamiliar with some of the details of the system, but I'm learning and am hoping to figure this particular issue out, as it's one that affects us regularly.


And one more question: How often does this run? Would this disable old users fitting the 13-month criteria once per day/week/month/year?


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