Case #140702: How to best deploy plugins fast?


Hello all,


we currently run development in an Eclipse Indigo environment supported by a Maven 2 (through the command line) to built all supporting file structures for Jive. Deployment of Jive SBS is performed via Maven and Jive plugins are uploaded via the Jive SBS service directly (admin interface). Our backend consists of a XAMPP based MySQL database. 


Every time a new plugin is deployed to the Jive SBS service, a restart of the service is required. Every time a plugin needs to be removed and substituted it is required to restart is one time for the removal and one time again for the next upload. This is a very time consuming enterprise since and costs about 10 minutes every time. I assume that using a plugin-upload directory will not spare the restart of the Jive service and I currently do not know any better way to do a much faster and a much simpler plugin deploy.


I am wondering if there is a better way to do faster deployment in a setting that is entirely focused on development. What do you guys do to develop Plugins efficiently?


Best Regards! 


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