Case #141027: Jive support for SNMP?


Does Jive support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) as a means for 3rd party SNMP Managers (such as Tivoli, BMC Patrol) to monitor the health, availability and performance of Jive Application Server and its component parts including Activity Engine, Document Conversion, and Cache? Does Jive supply a Management Information Base (MIB) which can be opened up to an SNMP Manager via the SNMP port?


In the Jive documentation ( it mentions that Jive has an SNMP port (default 10161) but no further information is provided.


For my existing project, I need to determine the options available around how the health, availability and performance of Jive can be monitored.


I understand that other products such as Foglight, Nagios and Alert Site can run scripts to periodically check the availability of a Jive HTTP/HTTPS page and page load time, reporting if any errors or performance thresholds reached.


As such, the focus of my question here relates more to Jive's support for SNMP.


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